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It is also important to distinguish the term pseudo-hermaphrodite from “true” hermaphrodite in order to avoid any form of confusion.It is very rare for a Clinician to come across a true hermaphrodite, as the patient must present both forms of gonadal tissue, i.e.

There are certain situations where the external genitalia look like an intermediate between the male penis and the female clitoris.These patients face many psychosocial hardships, as their perception of themselves does not agree with what society in general perceives.A systematic review was performed from May 2014 - December 2015 employing the EMBASE and MEDLINE databases, identifying Cochrane reviews, controlled clinical trials, randomized control trials, meta-analyses and systematic reviews, discussing pseudohermaphroditism, and, in particular, the history of this rare condition.Despite these patients possessing the karyotype 46XY and having testis, they have secondary sexual characteristics that resemble a female or their external genitalia look like that of a female [2].A “female pseudo-hermaphrodite” is similar to its male counterpart, in an inverted manner.

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Visit for more related articles at Reproductive System & Sexual Disorders: Current Research Pseudo-hermaphroditism is a rare condition which has much mystique to it.

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