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It had to be the day before because platelets only last a couple of days. This last week the stitches and the bolster was taken out, but it still kind of hurts. Yes I still am very interested in finishing this story and am working on it as I speak...sorry for the delay.job..a new chapter by Sunday. Last Christmas something bad happened to Tony but thanks to his family he's began to live again. This story is set in an AU where people have external souls in animal form called daemons. This story assumes five different settings/time periods for its five different acts, and the team changes to match.

I will go back to the ENT Doctor next week and after that to my regular clinic. Tony swore he would never have anything to do with vampires; what happens when he is chosen to be mated to one of them? Now he needs to help someone who just like him lost everything and needs to learn to live again. An apparent open/shut case leads Gibbs to Baltimore and works with Disassociative Identity Disorder sufferer Tony and Gibbs uncover more of the Baltimore Life. And how come whenever Tony's in the room, she goes all lovesick puppy? Rated T because my muse has a dirty mind Set in Season 4. Gibbs is used to being woken at 4am by the ringing of a phone.

When Agent Gibbs notices a pattern in a rash of murders, his gut starts both men down a path that will change them forever. College-age Tony turns to Gibbs when he's in a bind, and Gibbs takes Tony home with him. COMPLETEEver wonder sometimes about things you see during an episode of NCIS? This is where I try to answer those burning questions. AU, third story in "The Day" universe - NOW COMPLETE -Set after 'South by Southwest'- Called to the aid of an old friend, the NCIS cavalry rides out again but this time Tony is hiding a dangerous secret.

When I had my biopsy I had to go in the day before and have a blood and platelet transfusion. Then after that I will be going to the Anesthesiologist. The ENT Doctor is still not sure if they are going to take my two back teeth out and cut the gum under the teeth, or if they will leave them in. They took out three of my back teeth and the Doctor put a graft on it and then used stitches to my tongue and the other side of the gum and a bolster to keep it from moving. They try to prove she's fake; she tries to prove she's real. Most people never touch another person's soul, but when a 20 year old Leroy Gibbs meets an 8 year old Tony Di Nozzo it sparks an event that links them forever. Gibbs sees an opportunity to improve Director Vance's opinion of Di Nozzo. Tony 8 years old Gibbs working under Mike Franks at the moment with the rest of the team Christy White, and Flynn O'Connor 2OCA highly experimental take on the standard 'serial killer targets Tony to piss off Gibbs' plot. It also makes you have mental difficulties, which is why I have trouble with math, grammar and English. And it all starts with "Do me a favor probie" Rated T for language. On an april day with his whole family surrounding him, he can't imagine anything could happen; but when a young stranger saves Kelly, Gibbs feels there's something deeply wrong here, can he help this brave boy? When the team is called to ivestigate a murder in California, it lead them to the Charmed ones as witnesses. And I don't own anything relating to the tv shows, except the plot After Tim's release from Bethesda, everybody figures his return to field duty will be the biggest challenge of the year. Obviously contains Gibbs/Tony Father/Son Tony gets himself into trouble at a crime scene and Gibbs has to try everything to save him. Somewhere between the beginning and the end of this story, Tony knew something had happen. Who knew in that moment they decide that they would broke a certain rule. Gibbs/Abby slight OOC- Not GAbby, father/daughter relationship. I use Microsoft word Spelling and Grammar tool and it seems to work. Which means that I have to have two units of red cells every two months. But a single event in the life of one family member ripples outward affecting everybody in ways none of them expected. Tony reverts, and when it's clear there is nothing to do, he is adopted, and becomes 'Anthony D. Set in season 3, "Frame-up"This is a Song Fic inspired by Michael Weatherly's "Bitter and Blue". When a case from the past creeps up to the team, things take a turn for the worst. The bullpen was buzzing, Ziva and Mc Gee were due to be in any moment and Gibbs was upstairs talking to Vance. Favorite Charaters NCIS: Tony Di Nozzo, Moonlight: Mick St. Sixteen years after a night of heartbreak, Tony Di Nozzo is faced with someone who he never thought he would see, someone who he never even knew existed. The title is a song and is what inspired this fic, I wrote the last chapter as a one-shot then decide to do a whole story instead. Tony has to infiltrate a dangerous terrorist cell, under orders from the new director. When Tony returns from a two-week vacation behaving strangely, will Gibbs and the team be able to figure out what is wrong before he does something that could destroy not only his career, but his life? Sequel to my story "Slaughter House." When Detective Di Nozzo screws up and lets a sixteen year old kid get kidnapped, he calls the only person who could help him, Agent Gibbs from NCIS. John, Pushing Daisies: Ned, White Collar: Neal, Covert Affairs: Auggie, Burn Notice: Michael, Supernatural: Don't really have a favorite on this one. I’ve had this disease since I was around 7 years old, but just recently has gone a little downhill. A tall brunette suddenly changes everything, and in ways Tony never thought possible. Everything that Tony and Gibbs have to over come together in order to love freely This is a strange little friendship fic - Sarah Mc Gee dumps her cheating boyfriend in the middle of a road trip. When he is gone Ziva betrays him and sleeps with another man, what happens when Tony comes home? Now our two heroes have to find the boy before its too late.

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