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A source tells PEOPLE: “They’ve been having a lot of problems lately in general.” Their last public appearance together was July 1 when she sang the National Anthem at the National Golf Tournament in Bethesda, Md., and Romo played a practice round with Tiger Woods. Please lord give all of my beautiful fans, friends, enemies, and family rest.

On July 2, Simpson still seemed upbeat and excited for her upcoming birthday. ” But just nine days later, Simpson ended up celebrating her birthday quietly “with family and close friends,” according to a source close to Simpson. According to a source, Romo was out with the guys to “lift his spirits.” Adds the source: “His friends wanted him to have some fun before football training camp starts.” On Sunday, Simpson again took to Twitter to write this reflective post: “Everyone needs to know that hope floats … Bring all of us peace.” Says the source close to Simpson: “[Jessica and Tony] were good together for along time.

As psychologist and relationships expert Gary Lewandowski explains on Science of Relationships, dramatic couples showed a lot of fluctuation in their commitment to their partners over time.

As Business Insider's Erin Brodwin has reported, Gottman and his colleagues have come up with four factors - known as the "four horsemen" - that can reliably predict divorce: contempt, criticism, defensiveness, and stonewalling.

Contempt, or seeing your partner as beneath you instead of as an equal, is what Gottman calls the "kiss of death" for a relationship.

You think you have a good alternative partner If you think you'd be happier dating one of your friends, and that that person might want to date you, too ... In one study, undergrads in relationships answered questions about their best alternative to their current relationship, their best imagined alternative, and how easily they thought they could find someone to replace their current partner.

As it turned out, participants who had more desirable realistic or imagined partners, and who thought they could find an alternative partner more easily, were less likely to be in the same relationship three months later. You feel stuck in the relationship Fascinating research suggests that material constraints - think a joint bank account or a shared lease - make it less likely that an unmarried couple is going to break up.

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  1. Those details were completely kept under wraps, and there's no way that the hotel would let something like this leak." What's more, the reported date of the nuptials would be quite a conflict for the captain of America's most popular baseball team: It falls right at the end of the World Series 2010 schedule.

  2. The moment they have a chance to gain the upper hand over an employee they strip down and pounce! Monica Santhiago – Megapack Monica Santhiago was born in Rio Grande do Sul Brazil on April 1, 1975.