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If CISPA were to become law it would grant businesses and the government an unprecedented ability to share data without the need to consider anti-trust or classification laws.

Hacked businesses would be granted legal immunity if they acted in "good faith" to protect their networks, thanks to a part of the bill whose broad language has drawn the ire of consumer and privacy advocates.

It's getting worse, what these companies are doing with your web history and profile data could actually cause real harm to you or your family.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and American Civil Liberties Union, two of CISPA's chief opponents, have warned that the legislation would reveal health records, credit information, and other information to the government without first being scrubbed by the companies turning over those files.

Gibiru Offers Users Private Browsing of Uncensored Search Results.

Gibiru is faster than the NSA Search Engines since it does not install all sorts of personalization and tracking cookies on your system.Also don't forget that web results are censored by lamestream.Just as the ads you see online are designed based on your profile, so are the search results.This censorship is accomplished by geo-location filtering: the restriction or modifying of web content based on the geographical region of the user.In addition to countries, such filtering can now be implemented for states, cities, and even individual IP addresses.

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The National Security Agency could then be granted access to those transmissions when investigating foreign hackers.

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