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Bullying Based on Perceptions about Sexual Orientation National Mental Health Association. "Bullying in Schools: Harassment Puts Gay Youth at Risk." This article can be accessed at org/go/information/get-info/children-s-mental- health/bullying-and-gay-youth.

Below is a list of ALL Blueprints Model and Promising programs.

The CDC found that integrating teen dating violence prevention strategies in junior high and high school curricula and Public School Code are effective at deterring attitudes and behaviors that lead to IPV.

In December 2013, Pennsylvania Senate passed Senate Bill 1116.

It’s also important to address family violence in the home.

Children exposed to IPV and child maltreatment are more likely to themselves become involved in IPV throughout adolescence and adulthood as both victims and perpetrators.

A child can be an “indirect victim” of IPV as a witness and still face the serious consequences of the abuse.

Through programs such as CHOP’s STOP IPV, which provides support for IPV screening by healthcare providers in order to identify families experiencing IPV and allows for intervention to minimize the adverse effects of childhood IPV exposure, this cycle of violence can be interrupted.

The majority of parents (81%) admit to being unaware that dating violence is an issue among teens, while only 33% of teens in a violent relationship tell someone about the abuse.

While it's hard to think that your children could become victims or perpetrators of dating violence or that it could be prevalent in your own community, one of the best ways to protect children is to increase awareness that dating violence is present in adolescence.

The key to teen dating violence prevention is to intervene early – even as early as the elementary school years – as well as to increase awareness among parents and school personnel.

Dating violence can be prevented before it starts with early intervention.

By helping youth to establish positive relationship-building skills in preteen and teen years, certain risk factors for dating violence victimization or perpetration can be mitigated.

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