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- Allow your partner to work on tasks alone without comment or even the physical proximity of another person.Encourage your partner's need for independence, and don't hover.INTPs are usually very accepting people, so ENTJs (especially female ENTJs) may feel comfortable being the assertive and ambitious people they are.INTPs are often attracted to ENTJs' strength, decisiveness, political savvy, and utter confidence.ENTJs also become annoyed when their INTP partners lose interest in a task as soon as the creative challenge is over.INTPs rarely have the same zeal for finishing projects as they have for starting them.And most INTPs are so relaxed about meeting deadlines that they often act quite irresponsibly.On the other hand, ENTJs typically have such extremely high standards for how things ought to be done that they can be too demanding and rigid.

Both are deeply interested in any kind of learning and are open to trying new things.

INTPs want and need much more privacy and uninterrupted time alone to think and work on projects that interest them.

As long as ENTJs and INTPs have adequate time to enjoy mutually interesting activities and to pursue their own interests, they can be quite content living fairly independent lives.

Together, they can help each other become more aware of the realities of life and more open and vulnerable with each other.

The Frustrations Typically, it is the everyday irritations caused by their differences that frustrate both ENTJs and INTPs.

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