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I put about k into it, and I launched the first version. Not a ton, but people used it, and I thought I was onto something.

Knowing what I know now, this would have been a perfect candidate for a Wizard of Oz MVP, and I could have gotten sales and run the company without a lick of real back end coding. Fast forward a year, and I’m at a Startup Weekend talking to a dev company, and I tell them about Ignite Your Match (which had a stupider name then based on a Greek god) and they love the idea and we agree that they will rebuild it from scratch in exchange for a few grand and equity.

Sometimes, I would devote a whole week to it, and sometimes a whole month.And a mediocre margin combined with a low LTV means you can’t spend much to try to acquire customers, so that makes everything more difficult.And I never saw a way to turn it into a recurring business model, either. ) service that gives feedback on websites, which is easy to do because websites are public, getting feedback on dating profiles is inherently difficult because dating profiles are usually private.I had one guy put his two dating profiles through the system twice, so that’s the record possible LTV, pretty much.I had to pay the reviewers to review the profiles, so my margin wasn’t that great.

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