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Also love the art deco style bottle This is a very sexy fragrance. Eventually it dries to a lovely non-sweet vanilla many hours later. It is very smokey and witchy, it really is intense but that is the kind of statement I want to make these days. BAV was also worn by Jackie Kennedy and her close friend Michael Jackson. It is very well crafted, & smells extremely expensive. And I work in close proximity with other people; and over 90% are men. Passion comes from a time that putting your name on a perfume bottle wasn't just marketing or cashing in, or following trends.The opening is very smokey, civet, tobacco, and leather, a very vamp-y combination. It had great staying power from what I remember This is powerful stuff. A smell so great as to squelch even the fetor of this notoriously stanky (though rigorously attended) public toilet... Somebody (black t-shirt, perfect dip dye curls) was putting on far too much "Angel". It comes from an era when a famous person would sign a perfume that they would actually wear and take pride for creating.This could definitely be unisex as it doesn't really lean one way or the other to me. Spraying this opens up a portal to another world, or perhaps as the scent develops; to a mysterious room. Intoxicating at first and enchanting in the dry down. lilac...balsamic..covered with green notes and smoky woods. The flowers are blended so that not one stands out, apart from maybe the creamy tuberose but mostly gardenia.It smells like a room filled with crystals, oils, candles and other things of that nature. One fine day in San Francisco, incredibly stoned, sporting a 60's overlined full brow and far too much vintage parfum "Passion," I visited the San Francisco Public Library. It is moonlit in this room and a familiar, attractive person is here. It may not be sweet or overly warm but it is comforting (at least it is for me). I have know idea why I have taken so long to write about this passionate beast. Steamy incense, leather, civet and wood notes that doesn't get too heavy because of the aldehydes. The incense comes and go, making the florals smoky and with the honey it gives of a beeswax sweetness.

I love perfumes so to say this one scares me and it's the only scent I've ever been too afraid to spray on me , tells me this is the Queen Beast of fragrances. My dad tried to find something to take the place of that atom bomb of a fragrance for my mother's dresser. The ad campaign for Passion was unforgettable, much like its namesake. I bought this parfum from because I cannot find it anywhere near me where I live in New York. I have seen her movies A Place In The Sun Giant Cleopatra. There is civetta which is very musky animalic and this part of the parfum is different for me because I am not used to this smell but is very nice, a little like powder. Parfum to wear with beautiful clothes black dresses and leather like leather boots leather jackets and coats or fur coats. Highly unisex today, this belongs in all vintage collections, especially chypre lovers and anyone who enjoys the golden decade, baroque scents and a good perfume in general.

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Passion by Elizabeth Taylor is a Oriental fragrance for women. Top notes are aldehydes, artemisia, coriander, gardenia, bergamot, ylang-ylang and lily-of-the-valley; middle notes are honey, tuberose, sandalwood, patchouli, orris root, jasmine, heliotrope, cedar, rose and spicy notes; base notes are leather, musk, coconut, civet, vanilla, oakmoss, incense, sandalwood and cedar. There is something about this perfume and my body chemistry that results in a divine scent. The peach starts coming out after 10-20minutes and gives the scent just the right balance. She has encapsulated all emotion and love and it is as it says on the box! Top notes - Aldehydes, Mandarin,bergamot, citrus es, Mid - ylang-ylang, honey, Rose, Jasmine, Tuberose. I am addicted to this spray a small amount on your skin only, from beginning to end, the drydown is AMAZING!

I have had a few women, over time, follow me in crowded places such as airports until they caught up with me to ask what perfume I’m wearing. I have bought Passion for my daughter, but it doesn’t smell the same on her. Love it Perhaps unsurprisingly as I love balsamic/woody/musky scents As with all the Elizabeth Taylor perfumes this is well crafted and amazing for the price tag! Really well done and with White Diamond Night and D&R my favourites of ET, followed by Gardenia. I have had it before but I did not like it at the time I did. Base - Vanilla, Sandlewood,oakmoss,patchouli, Musk I have yet to test 'Bal a Versailles' so I cannot make a comparison, but apparently 'Passion' is Elizabeth Taylor version of 'Bal a Versailles' as it was her favourite perfume, and she wore it all the time until she designed her own line of luxury fragrances. I own a variety of perfumes (Britney Spears, Lolita Lempicka, Hanae Mori, etc), but did not have a smoky oriental...well, now I do; and I love it!!!

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