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Did you have to get in a pool just for that one shot?

My very first episode they told me they needed a photo of me playing water polo, and so I was like, “I’m gonna be shirtless.

You see it in Episode 2 of this season when he’s talking to himself in the photo in his office, saying “I’m gonna get my old self back.” I’ve been wondering about that photo, which basically shows you in a pool playing water polo.

It’s so prominently displayed in Nathaniel’s office, and characters keep calling attention to it.

But that was a fun moment as well because I got to pretend like I shit myself.

star/the new face of Foster Grant sunglasses Kat Graham reminded us of a very important point: Even though other outlets written for more mature audiences can get away with worst-dressed lists and the like, Teen should NOT because our readers are “impressionable.” “You guys are so… I don’t mind it from, like, the s and stuff like that, because you expect it, but you have such a responsibility to groom the minds of these teenage girls that were like me and they have to be totally comfortable because that’s the age that they’re finding themselves.” (As you can see, our relationship with Kat is now better than ever since our chat. ) But that’s not the only important lesson we learned from the beautiful 24-year-old singer/actress/dancer.

They provide services across 13 sites in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Harlem, and Westchester County.

I wonder if it was a tactic so that I couldn’t be like, “No, I don’t wanna poop my pants” because I was just happy to keep my job.

Months later, they (and we) have an answer: Nathaniel is here to stay, and Foster, no longer the new guy, has been promoted to series regular for the already-underway Season 3.

” the other characters asked, taking note of his cartoonish handsomeness (“He’s suspiciously good-looking in ways that normal people are not”) and wondering just how long they could expect him to stick around.

Graham Windham was founded in 1806 when Isabella Graham, the President of the Society for the Relief of Poor Widows with Small Children, decided to take care of six orphans rather than placing them in the local almshouse where children were often forced to work for food and shelter.

In 1835, a separate child welfare institution, the Society for the Relief of Half-Orphan and Destitute Children, later known as Windham Child Care, was established to help widowed parents care for their children.

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Listen, I’m not surprised by anything on this show anymore.

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