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Speed dating events are held at business conferences and networking programs.They are also coordinated at comic book conventions and other programs with niche tastes.Level the Playing Field with Speed Dating Speed dating is the bomb, and if you don’t believe me give me a minute and I will explain myself. Speed dating was only created in 1998 so it’s safe to say that it wasn’t that popular when I was searching for dates.But ever since I was invited to speak at a speed dating event in 2006, the concept has grown on me.To help prepare you for your next speed dating event, I have put together a list of some simple things to keep in mind. In a speed dating event, each person makes notes on the people they are interested in.So you won’t find out you got dissed until after the program is over.Speed Dating was created in 1998 by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo to help Jewish singles find other Jewish singles.Since its creation, speed dating has blossomed into a popular activity for all types of Americans.

This risk, combined with the normal pressure of approaching someone you are interested in, practically prevents good people from connecting.

In addition to his writings, Jeff Carroll is the first Hip Hop dating coach and he speaks to college and high school students about healthy dating. Follow him on Facebook, he’s always posting something good.

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Since you won’t get dissed to your face, have no fear of being yourself. Even though speed dating seems simple and not as flashy as scooping someone up on the dance floor nor as suave as copping somebody a drink, it is the most efficient way of meeting someone you don’t know anything about.

I say go for the gusto; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Not even the smoothest player or sexiest chick can meet five to six different people and have a conversation with them in an hour. This is a good chance to go on a date with the type of person you wouldn’t normally date.

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Jeff Carroll is a writer and filmmaker who is, at his core, an activist. He is a dedicated Sci-fi writer having released his first Sci-fi book in 2013, Thug Angel Rebirth of a Gargoyle.

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