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Thanks to an extensive restoration supported by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, and the provision of a new oak wood frame based on historical models, the painting now shines forth in new glory: brighter, more colourful and even bigger!Surprisingly, the work of the restorers revealed that after an initial completion Honthorst subsequently enlarged the canvas in the upper part, providing the scene with more air; this had remained hidden as a result of the added strip being folded back in the 1940s.The oil painting of a pot of flowers set a new European record for the artist, who died in 1966, having spent most of his life in the French capital.The canvas was painted in 1930 and lost for decades before reappearing in the 1970s near Paris.

More Recent acquisitions by the Cleveland Museum of Art include a performance piece by Pierre Huyghe, a leader in the Relational Aesthetic genre and the first work of its kind to enter the museum’s collection; an oil painting on copper by Johann Knig, one of the most significant masters of German painting at the beginning of the 17th century; a generous bequest of several works from Frances P.The CMA’s acquisition of Name Announcer by Pierre Huyghe (French, b.1962) reflects the growing presence of scripted performance, live action and interpersonal exchange in contemporary art.During the Middle Ages, the city was an Episcopal center under the dominion of the Holy Roman Empire.The Jewish community was thus protected from the successive interdictions of the Kingdom of France (under Philippe Auguste, Louis IX, etc.).

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