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In the earlier seasons, Aria was in a romantic relationship with Ezra Fitz, but Jason continued to pursue her unaware of this fact.They also had chemistry between them, especially on Jason's part.Der Webserver betreibt mindestens 2.991 weitere Websites und wird daher als "Massenhost" eingestuft.

She expresses her surprise to her mother after he leaves, but does not let on exactly what her reservations are about him coming.Their relationship was obscure throughout Season 1, however, short after Jason returned to Rosewood in Season 2, he began flirting with Aria.Later on in the series, Jason started to treat Aria as a confidante as well.He also stuck up for her when Noel attempted to intimidate her.In Season 7, the two had both a fling and a minor relationship during the five-year time jump, which ended since Aria wanted to pursue her career in the city, and Jason wanted to travel the world.

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He recoils, and it seems that hopes for a romance between these two is doused.

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