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Sources close to the investigation tell the Toronto Sun that billionaire businessman Barry Sherman ad his philanthropist wife Honey were discovered hanging from a railing next to their indoor pool with men's leather belts wrapped around their necks.

A nearby security camera which could have shown the couple's final moments was disabled shortly before their death according to those same sources, making it unclear if the deaths were a suicide, murder-suicide or if the couple was killed in a double murder.

The epic seven story, five bedroom home in Los Angeles, that was built in 1990, features a rooftop deck that offers a panoramic view of the City of Angels.

The mansion is made for entertainment with its nightclub, casino, themed bedrooms and a custom screening room.

After freeing the turtle, they followed the 75-feet of line to find more than 1,800lb - worth approximately million - of cocaine in the debris field.

Images, colourised by a design expert, show troops taking a break in a hospital tent riddled with bullet holes from a long range Nazi gun in Sicily (left).

But on Monday, Goochland County Sheriff James Agnew ruled out foul play, describing the horrific scene officers had found.The clip shows two girls approaching two Israeli soldiers, before shoving, kicking and slapping them while filming on mobile phones in the Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh in the occupied West Bank. I realise that simply by asking that question as a man, I will be instantly accused of 'mansplaining' by hordes of enraged women.But just as I occasionally comment on the weather without ever having been to the Sun, I see no reason why I should not also be permitted to express an opinion about this subject given its relevance and prevalence in modern society.They also show a serviceman standing to attention next to a line-up of bikini-clad women holding rifles at a parade ground in San Diego, California (top right).Another brings colour to an image of a spaniel called Butch O'Brien (bottom right), which was used as a mascot on board a US Navy ship in the Sea of Japan in 1944.

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On Tuesday morning, she traded it in for a navy puffer and sneakers to take her five-year-old son Jordan to school.

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