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Along with the inevitable seasonal bonding between characters who are, at this point, barely more than colleagues, we meet (through a glass barrier) Angela’s blues-guitarist father (ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons) and Booth’s young son, Parker (Ty Panitz).

The first is the coolest addition to the Bonesiverse (seriously, this guy becomes an enigma bordering on mythological trickster).

And Max, ever the devoted father, looks at Booth and sees not an adversary but an ally.

This is the man who could make his daughter happy, and Max would just love to play Cupid.

Cam had been in two relationships with Booth; once before he worked with Bones and after she came to the Jeffersonian.

After they broke up, they continued to work together and are now just friends.

Peterson: “If it had just been a one-parter and Booth was reunited with Brennan after the first episode, I think that Brennan would have hit him a lot harder as far as accusations, but through the course of the second episode, what we’re trying to get to is she understands who she is better through this case, and that she belongs at the lab.“In discovering where she belongs, she also understands Booth better, that Booth is this man of action.

The way that we say it internally here is: Booth is a little bit of a Superman and Superman can’t just sit by and watch as people suffer. Thyne) and Angela (Michaela Conlin) in Episode 10, there will be a major shake-up for them and it also is going to be related to Aubrey (John Boyd).“That’s our mid-season finale.

There really is no retiring for him, so by the end of the second episode, Brennan understands that she belongs in the lab and that her Superman, Booth, belongs out in the field saving people.”What can you divulge about any major story arcs that are going to span several episodes? Peterson: “We’ll be following Cam (Tamara Taylor) and Arastoo’s (Pej Vahdat) relationship very closely after what goes down in the first couple of episodes. It’s an episode that, originally, we were considering for our season opener, but that episode will be very interesting as far as how it will change the trajectory of the rest of the season.“When Jon Collier and I were handed this gift, to be able to work on this show and be able to be showrunners this year, we wanted to make sure that we shook things up, and so there are going to be many, many major arcs.”Emily, do you find that your everyday life affects how you play Brennan? Sometimes the way I’ll phrase things will sound like Brennan.

She’s 93 years old and she came in, was so professional, she knew her lines.

She was just so lovely to talk to and she’s a jokester.

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