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An Aussie who had been raised as a rich expat kid in Hong Kong, before returning to Sydney and then moving to America when his parents separated, Hutchence was both cocky and faintly vulnerable, rough and raw but sort of sensitive with it.Women responded to this, Hutchence knew it, loved it, probably played on it and was committed to living the rock star cliche.And when, in 1995, Paula Yates left her marriage to be with Michael Hutchence, it was then the path began not only to his death, but to hers too.

That was father bear protecting his cubs' territory, based on Hutchence's well-known love of a narcotic good time, and the changes in Yates that were obvious for anyone to see.

The first time they spent the night together, Paula Yates said Michael Hutchence did "six things I was firmly convinced were illegal".

It was a boast, and, according to one account, involved oysters, among other things.

Loudly announcing one's presence is a chambermaid's means of avoiding an embarrassing encounter with a naked and compromised guest, but Michael Hutchence was past caring.

What that Sydney chambermaid encountered in room 524 was the naked and dead figure of Michael Hutchence -- in his final years as famous for the soap-opera drama of his relationship with Paula Yates as for singing with INXS -- kneeling on the bedroom floor, his hands in his lap, a leather belt around his neck.

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The belt was tied to a spring-lever on a door, photographs of Yates and various pills were scattered around the room. That Saturday morning in Sydney was still Friday night in London, when Paula Yates's friend Belinda Brewin came to tell her of Hutchence's death. He was worn down by three years of this torture." Less than three years later, Paula Yates was dead from a heroin overdose.

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