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Read more On Thursday, television personality and author Kelly Cutrone, best known for her roles on America’s Next Top Model and MTV’s The Hills, came forward to share her own account of attempted sexual assault at the hands of Def Jam Co-Founder Russell Simmons.Simmons has previously been accused of misconduct and assault with at least twelve other women. For some, this is the height of sexiness—at least until someone tries to put fingers or other nice appendages into you.Because why bring a bottle of wine when you can bring a Tudor cocktail and some Victorian mince pies?TODAY WE’LL BE TRYING OUT: • Tudor Butter Beer• Stuart Sweet Meats • Victorian Mince Pies• 1950s cranberry salad (btw, I am being very kind by calling this a salad) So, let's get started!!!! TUDOR BUTTER BEER – 1588 You read that right – BUTTER BEER Harry…This was done not to save white America, but to generate political power and to give space to the voice of Southern women in the narrative of change.According to exit polls, approximately 97% of black women voted for Doug Jones.…

The panel, titled "Reclaiming Our Time," consisted of four women of color writers, with Samhita Mukhopadhyay moderating the conversation between Morgan Jerkins, Min Jin Lee, and Carmen Maria Machado.The righteous have spoken in Alabama as the world watched in election speculation.Black Southern rural women in the poorest counties in the state voted in high ranks, as usual, for Doug Jones for the United States Senate.Bubbe wouldn’t let Mom or my sister, who was ten years older than me, water the plants at certain times of the month.They always blamed bitchiness on “periods,” and right in front of my watchful eyes, they casually rolled up their bloody Modess sanitary napkins into neat bundles swaddled in toilet paper.

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