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Type of Creation: Does the creation of Adam & Eve, from dust & a rib in Genesis 2:7 & indicate an independent new creation rather than a modification (with physical, mental, and/or spiritual changes) of already-existing hominids?Or does creation "from dust" refer to the chemical elements that form our bodies, reminding us about our natural mortality and thus (as in the "dust to dust" of Genesis ) a reason to be humble in our relationship with God?What do proponents of a young earth-and-universe say about this scientific evidence?They typically respond in one or more of these four ways: A) claim their own analysis of the evidence is better than conventional analysis (you can examine the evidence-and-logic in AGE OF THE EARTH - SCIENCE) so the logic of science should lead to conclusions that the earth is young and so are humans (), and/or they B) challenge the credibility of HISTORICAL SCIENCES; C) acknowledge the weakness in current young-universe science, but hope it will improve in the future; D) claim the universe is young even though it appears to be old when we carefully examine the scientific evidence, because the universe was created in a mature state with a false APPEARANCE OF OLD AGE.

In one of these proposals the earth is young, and there are two main Bible-based claims for a young earth: Does the Bible say "the earth is young" in the six days of Genesis 1?Or are old-earth interpretations possible or preferable, with the days forming a non-chronological framework for history, or being long ages instead of 24-hour days?In different CREATIONIST INTERPRETATIONS OF GENESIS 1 the days can be non-chronological (forming a logical historical framework) or chronological (being long ages, 24-hour days, post-gap days, or proclamation days), maybe using concepts from ancient near-eastern science and certainly emphasizing the important theology in Genesis 1.But one couple, such as Adam and Eve, can have a maximum of only 4 alleles, and natural mutation rates would not produce 146 new alleles in 10 thousand years, or even 150 thousand years.By analyzing the diversity in these genes and others, using mathematical models for population genetics, scientists calculate that the current human population has descended from a population bottleneck (the smallest group of ancestors in our history, estimated at 10,000) that occurred about 150,000 years ago; and some of the 150 alleles in our immune systems go back to 5 million years or more.

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