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The field headed south again on the bitumen to Alice Springs, then the dirt and gravel highway to Coober Pedy and Adelaide.More cars dropped out, but at Adelaide there were still 11 cars with clean sheets.

Excitement was intense; nothing like it had ever been seen before and it was all over the radio and newspapers for weeks before the start.

This is the short story of the Australian reliability trials of the 1950s, and how the Volkswagens performed.

You can read some more detailed histories in various issues of our club magazine ‘Zeitschrift’, and links will be provided as we go.

Points would be lost for each minute early or late arrival at a control; 100 points off for not following instructions, and 500 points off for replacing components on the cars.

Cars had to be standard, apart from some safety and protection devices, extra fuel tanks, tools and spares, and supplies such as food and water.

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