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To echo the previous point, expectations can easily lead to frustration.Dating someone who’s very different from is a never ending test of patience.This, sadly, invites partners to try and control one another because they aren’t meeting expectations.When you have more differences than similarities, you’re encouraged to do the opposite because you’re already expecting them to act differently than you.

In regards to relationships, this will expose you to a different thinking process and a new way of doing things.But there are definitely some "deal breaker" issues that can be hard to overcome.Two examples of these "deal breakers" could be strong differences in religious beliefs, or gender role expectations—that is, where one person wants a traditional husband and wife relationship whereas the other person wants a progressive, egalitarian relationship.With the insights we provide, your seconds can be worth hours, and days can be worth years in value. What are the signs I should look for to ensure long-term success? Lots of couples who are opposites in many areas can make a strong relationship work, depending on the areas of opposition.

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