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The thing about this woman is that she’s a control-freak.And one thing I know about control freaks is that deep down, they feel like they have no control in some area of their life, and so they take it out on their relationships.The sad part is that sometimes this mentality is wrongly perpetuated in some church circles, as the men are expected to be the “leaders” while the women are the “followers.” That might work for some guys, but for most, this lack of reciprocity in a relationship eventually becomes draining.

So before you figure out who you want to date, you might want to turn the focus inward and make sure you’re growing and taking responsibility for your own flaws.This woman is characterized by drama everywhere she goes.She always thinks she’s been wronged, and she tells you all about it.However, when it does come time to date, there are some traits you should probably avoid.The traits I pointed out in “10 Guys You Should Never Date” hold true for women, as well, but here are a few more things to look out for: The One-Way-Street Woman This woman thinks that somehow, relationships are all about her.

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