Ubuntu updating repositories

The following command is not necessary for everyone, but I recommend it anyway.

You have now “logged out” of the installation environment and are “back” on the host system. Other guides stop working at this point, but have no fear!

Perhaps a confusing concept to wrap your head around at first, but it makes sense when you think about it.

Copy from your system into the freshly unpacked fs. This guide is only going to cover adding and removing software, but it’s possible to customize just about anything.

Remember where you save it, because you’re going to have to move it in a minute. Don’t worry, it’s the easiest way of doing this (for now).

You don’t need to be a Linux guru, just pay close attention to the directions and it will work fine.

The following commands have been tested and verified.

It is also not guaranteed that XMP sidecars written by a development version will work with a release version.

I had to piece this guide together from a few different sources with a whole lot of dead reckoning. Be sure to use the “purge” command so that the system will automatically uninstall delete the package, which optimizes the space required for the ISO.

When you execute purge, read the list of programs to be removed before you select “Y” and make absolutely sure you haven’t accidentally flagged a core system package via association.

$ sudo apt-get install debhelper dpkg-dev fakeroot $ sudo apt-get build-dep darktable $ tar zxvf darktable_$$ cd darktable-$VERSION $ tar zxvf ../darktable_$VERSION.gz $ dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot# dnf install intltool atk-devel cairo-devel exiv2-devel fontconfig-devel freetype-devel libgomp gtk2-devel libjpeg-turbo-devel libtiff-devel lcms2-devel lensfun-devel libpng-devel libsq3-devel libstdc -devel libxml2-devel Open EXR-devel libcurl-devel libgphoto2-devel dbus-glib-devel libgnome-keyring-devel fop librsvg2-devel flickcurl-devel cmake libsoup-devel gcc-c colord-devel saxon libsecret-devel lua lua-devel Graphics Magick openjpeg-devel json-glib-devel libwebp-devel SDL-devel Only darktable-1.0.5 can be provided for these distributions due to restrictions on the Glib version available.

Still, try it out, 1.0 has many nice features already and most of the hardware support has been ported back by Pascal - that's where the .5 comes from.

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darktable can be installed through Mac Ports: A description on how to enable the backports repository can be found here: The darktable Solaris packages are provided and maintained by James.

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