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But she had taken a computer course when she was pregnant, and even though her preterm labor prevented her from finishing it, she parlayed her new skills into a contracting job with Intel."Having Hailey was my motivation to make it happen," she says.One caveat: Statistics don't tell how many single moms are with a partner (and choosing not to get married), how many live with family (so they have some help around), and how many are truly alone.

You may grow distant from some friends while drawing closer to others.C., told herself when she and her husband split up. with a toddler, four suitcases, and four hundred dollars.They'd moved out of the country and had a baby, and then their marriage fell apart. "My life has been this series of 'oh, that was hard' crises, but I just keep going," Zola says.Her work ethic has paid off: She just bought her first home."I've found an incredible source of independence and strength through this situation," she adds.

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